EJP presents new developments in its own factory.

At an in-house exhibition, EJP provided its customers with a deep insight into production: The company showed several new machines for pulling and peeling bars, tubes and profiles. More than 45 participants from renowned companies from 8 countries attended.
Deliberately, EJP had not limited the event to one day, but offered a forum for in-depth discussions in small groups throughout the week of January 21st to January 25th. With machines in different stages of production, visitors were able to exchange design details that would otherwise remain hidden.
On display were, combined drawing lines CDS 100 and CDS 300 for the production of bright steel bars, as well as the peeling machines PM 35 and PM 80, which impress with their high peeling precision of h8 / h9 in one pass. In addition, EJP demonstrated the CDS 50 and CDS 200 drawing parts for brass rods with the new patented system of linear motion linear die control.

In terms of measuring technology and quality assurance, EJP presented the new, laser-based 3D measuring system Reline 3D Plus for measuring the straightness of thin rods and tubes. It is the first in the world that takes into account the sagging of the profile between the support points. It measures both the straightness "above everything" as well as in individual, definable sections. Thus, the segments of the profile that do not meet the specifications of the client can be identified and graded or sorted out.
In addition, EJP demonstrated the surface inspection unit ReLine3D-ADBT for surface inspection of bars and tubes. Both systems were developed by the company together with the Italian Q-TECH, whose specialists were present on site.

Another topic was the modernization of facilities. Using the example of a hydraulic impact shears for a German manufacturer of brass rods, EJP showed how an existing mechanical shear including the pipe guide is replaced by a new one and the entire system thus achieves a higher performance.
Jacques Paraskevas, the managing partner of EJP, wants to repeat the open door week: "Our customers took the opportunity to see for themselves the high quality of our production And we have benefited from the fact that we have received a wealth of new ideas from practical experience in extensive discussions."


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